INOC - Independent Network Operations Consortium

Products & Services

What can INOC do for your company or organization?

  • High speed IP transport, aggregation & VPNs via an extensive NY optical network by ION

  • Hot & Cold Site Disaster Recovery Hosting

  • Metro & Long Haul SAN/NAS via Gig-E or Fibre Channel (FICON)

  • ISP Outsourcing Services (DNS, RADIUS, DHCP, E-Mail, etc.)

  • Dedicated Internet Connectivity (DSx, OCx, Gig-E)

  • Server & Telecom Equipment co-location (AC & DC rooms available)

  • Managed Server & Application Hosting (*nix, OSX & Windows)

  • Shared & Dedicated Server Hosting (x86/PPC OS Agnostic)

  • Wholesale and Retail RAS Services (Dial-up, ISDN, xDSL & WIFI)

  • E-mail Outsourcing Services (Hosting, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam)

  • Consulting Services (Design, Build & Support)

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