Our Story

The Independent Network Operations Consortium (INOC) was founded in December 2000 by subsidiaries of four Upstate New York Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs).

Our mission is to provide each member and our clients with highly available ISP Solutions, internet connectivity, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Colocation, and managed Cloud solutions.

Through partnerships and growth, INOC's network presence has expanded to cover most of New York State and several neighboring states; providing connectivity to numerous hospitals, educational institutes and businesses of varying size.

Today, INOC is a leader in enterprise managed solutions providing clients peace of mind and access to the latest emerging internet technologies. With more than 400 combined years of experience in the telecom industry between our four founding members and almost two decades of colocation experience we continue to be the provider of choice.

INOC Network Service Area
INOC's Network Footprint

Midtel Logo

Middleburgh Telephone


The oldest of our four founding companies, founded in 1897, it is one of the oldest of New York State’s 40 independent telephone companies.

The Middleburgh Telephone Company (MIDTEL) is family owned and operated, and has been serving Schoharie County and parts of Albany County for over 120 years.

Servicing over 10,000 customers, MIDTEL prides itself on serving its customers with robust and innovative solutions including local and long distance telephone, Cable TV and video, Broadband Internet, and wireless Broadband services.

Statetel Logo

State Telephone


State Telephone Co. was incorporated on December 31, 1909; an amalgamation of several rural and “farmers” lines.

State Telephone is a family owned corporation that has been providing local telephone service to approximately 5,000 customers in the Southern Albany and Northeast Greene County areas since 1909.

StateTel, provides local service, long distance, high speed data and Fiber Optic to the home/business. 


Germantown Telephone


The Germantown Telephone Company began in 1905 when there were but two telephones in Germantown. After 100+ years of service, Germantown Telephone Company became GTel in 2007.

Today, GTel, now an Archtop Fiber company, is a leading provider of 100% Fiber Internet in Columbia County, providing quality products and friendly local service.

GTel is dedicated to supporting our local communities.

PTC Logo

Pattersonville Telephone


Pattersonville Telephone Company was started as an experiment in 1900, when John Ennis and Frank Patterson strung a line between their homes to test "the gadget" that by then was common to urban business establishments.

The Pattersonville Telephone Company has been serving parts of Schenectady County and Amsterdam, since the company’s establishment in 1902. Pattersonville Telephone Company dedicates itself to providing its customers with the latest technologies in both telephone and internet services.