Enterprise cPanel Hosting

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As of this writing our cPanel Cloud hosting utilizes CentOS 7.x, PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.7 and the latest/current release tier version of cPanel.

cPanel accounts and data are backed up daily onto secondary storage systems and replicated to one of our other data centers for additional data security.

Our cPanel Cloud Servers reside in our Enterprise VMware Cloud platform. All storage is redundant across all nodes (VSAN) permitting compute resources (vCPU, vRAM) to seamlessly transition to a new node (vMotion) to keep services online, should the need arise.

Unlike traditional physical servers that introduce single points of failure, our platform allows for significantly higher uptime and availability.

You may send 100 emails an hour.

We support FTP, FTPS and cPanel's native file manager.

SSH access is optional on self-managed, dedicated cPanel Cloud Servers.

Clients who opt for self-managed, dedicated cPanel Cloud Servers may choose to enable this access.