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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers have quickly become the standard in today's fast paced technology based world. Allowing the ease of rapid deployment, scalability as workload demand grows, baked in redundancy, tiered storage and the ability to optimize resources on the fly - Cloud Servers are enabling efficient resource utilization, guaranteed resiliency and allow for predictable OPEX budgeting.

In some cases the utilization of Cloud Servers can completely eliminate complex local infrastructure and save valuable resources that can be used to drive your business growth.

Private Cloud

When it comes to Cloud computing we understand every company’s requirements are unique. INOC offers a range of customizable and scalable Private Cloud solutions to fit your ever changing needs. The ability to accommodate growth and resource expansion while maintaining high levels of security are cornerstone to every Private Cloud solution we deploy.

INOC offers both self-managed and fully-managed Private Cloud solutions. All Cloud Solutions we provide ensure maximum security and availability for all layers of your infrastructure.

Dedicated Servers

While the push to the Cloud has been tremendous Dedicated Servers are here to stay. Whether you are running your own Cloud platform, performing I/O intensive workloads such as media conversion, Bitcoin mining, running highly transactional databases or simply storing large amounts of frequently used data - these workloads are best suited for Dedicated Servers.

As a Cisco Partner, INOC furnishes Cisco UCS Dedicated Server solutions to meet our client's rigid specifications. All Dedicated Servers include secured LOM/IPMI/KVM for remote management.

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